Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hone Skills in Communicating

It is well known that project managers spend most of their time communicating. We communicate to get things done, to resolve issues, negotiating for payment milestones, presenting the values behind a certain change, and so on. We communicate with different type of people too. Some are easy to deal with, whilst others are trickier. Some are even difficult people.

Understanding the importance of having good communication skills and taking every opportunity to improve in this area is a must for a project managers. Failure to do so might cause the project manager stress, headache, stomach ache and probably in worst case scenario a blue-black eye.

We must understand that we as project managers need to be versatile in communicating needs or instructions. Some people requires a little bit more persuasion than others. Some requires them see the values that they will get from performing the tasks required. Others expect a certain level of assurance. One or two might require to feel superior to be able to get things done; your way of course.

Knowing how to communicate effectively will get a project manager a long way. Great communication skills. Can built relationship with even the most difficult people around. At least others will think this set of people are difficult, but we, knowing the tricks to get to their hearts, feel at ease in communicating with them. It does not hurt to use visualisation on the outcome that you want from the communication. It works, believe me.

So, for today, try to engage someone that you think is a little difficult to approach. Have a positive persona, and see the different outcome from your test.

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